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Mandy For Mayor

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Mandy Martin believes Cramahe Township deserves a mayor who will represent ALL citizens. A mayor who will work with ALL council members. A mayor who is fair-minded, principled and accountable.

To be mayor is a privilege, not a right; it is an honour to be earned, not assumed. That is why she is standing for election and asks for your vote.

Mandy Martin has over 45 years of both business and volunteer experience at the local, county, provincial and international levels.

Teamwork | the five council members elected by YOU must work together.

Inclusion | the whole picture, all sides of an issue or project must be considered.

Respect | the bylaws and regulations of Cramahe Township must be upheld and enforced.

Partnerships | for our larger financial projects (sewers, water, roads, development), we must form partnerships with other government levels and/or private sector interests.

Accountability | Because one-third of our annual tax bill goes for our Northumberland County commitments and expenditures, there must be monthly updates to Cramahe council and citizens.

Let’s restore integrity, teamwork and respect to Cramahe Township council.

(905) 376-1100

1 Church St., E.

Colborne, ON K0K 1S0

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